Discover Your "Dominion" as a King in Christ!

...How to Unlock 'More' POWER, Profits & Purpose In Your Business, Marriage & Life Starting Right Now!

Navigate Life's Challenges with More Confidence and Strength with Other Men Supporting You

250+ Men Have Joined The Movement Already



Unleash Your Full Potential in Faith, Finances, Family, and Fitness

Unlock Your Full Potential: Elevate Your Family, Empower Your Faith, Enhance Your Fitness, and Secure Your Finances with Kings In Christ

Saving You YEARS or Even Decades of Guess-Work & Painful Mistakes

Instantly Join The FREE Kings In Christ Community!

Here's What Kings In
Christ Is About...

  • Become the Husband She Deserves: Elevate your role in your marriage, learn how to communicate effectively, and build a love that lasts. We provide the tools to become the partner you've always aspired to be.
  • Unlock the Power of Forgiveness: Struggling with past mistakes or grievances? Our programs teach actionable steps for forgiving and seeking forgiveness, unshackling you from the past to embrace a brighter future.
  • Guided Discipleship and Mentoring: Whether you're new to the faith or seeking to deepen your spiritual journey, find a mentor who'll guide you toward a life rooted in Christ's teachings.
  • Overcome Addictions: Navigate the challenges of modern-day addictions. Our programs offer concrete solutions to help you overcome any addictions currently holding you back. 
  • Financial Abundance: Discover a simple roadmap to scale your business or reinvent your career and escape scarcity and bring more financial abundance into your life. 
  • Men's Retreat for Real Transformation: Take a break from life's hustle and immerse yourself in a weekend dedicated to your personal, spiritual, and emotional growth. Our retreats are catalysts for life-altering change.
  • Thrilling Indoor & Outdoor Adventure Activities: Do Life Together with other men and get instant access exciting adventures that not only offer an adrenaline rush but also serve as parables for life's greater challenges.
  • ​And so much more...

“It's a Spiritually-Grounded Blueprint, Proven to Transform Every Facet of Life, Fueled by a Community of Men Committed to Doing Life Together...”

Stop. Doing. Life. Alone

Join a Brotherhood of Men Each Week...

Designed to Empower YOU with Unshakable Faith and Certainty in All Areas of Your Life, Infuse Purpose into Your Financial Gains, Lead Your Family, and Build a Godly Legacy

After 2+ decades of walking with Christ and seeing the transformation that's been created by over 250+ men who have joined Kings In Christ... is now no longer even arguable.

Instead, it has become undeniable:

"Two Are Better Than One, For If Either Of Them Falls, One Can Help The Other Up..."
(Ecclesiastes 4:9-10).

Just Listen To What Our Current Members Are Saying..

As men we are tempted to walk alone...

...Isolated, disconnected, "working it out" and having to pretend our lives our perfect to the outside world, to our bosses or business partners...

Yet this ISOLATION is what KILLS our marriage, destroys our family and pulls us further into the dark pit of temptation, CHEATING, DEPRESSION & SCARCITY...

Yet what awaits you inside when you ACCESS the Kings In Christ Community will allow you to save years or even decades of Guess-work and Painful Mistakes AND it has the POWER to...

  • ​Help you Predictably Access More POWER to Produce results not just in one area - but in ALL areas of your life; all at the same time…
  • ​Help You Reignite Your MARRIAGE and RECONNECT with your Kids, with your Parents and create a DEEPER connection with them...
  • ​Help you Access More POWER through a DEEPER Look Into Your PURPOSE and a Pathway to Build a DIRECT Connection to God Through Christ
  • ​Help you Create LEVERAGE on yourself to finally Get LASTING Momentum in your life so you can Gain Control Over Your Physical Health & Fitness
  • ​Help you Build Meaningful Relationships With Men You Can Count On, Confide In & Guide You In The Darkest & Lightest Of Moments

This is not another bible study class or a Sunday or Wednesday church service. This is a place where men come to SHARE their stories, their challenges in a place of confidence and complete confidentiality. 

And you get access to it for free, no strings attached.

Here Are Some Of The Stories..

"I Became a Stronger Man, Husband & Father—All Thanks to Kings in Christ."

Stew Lampe found purpose and inner strength that many only dream of, showing the profound impact of Kings in Christ. He went from a man stuck in societal norms to a spiritual guide, amplifying his roles as a father and husband with empathy, vulnerability, and spiritual connection.

"My Journey with Kings in Christ: A Spiritual Transformation I Never Saw Coming."

Gianfranco Maucione discusses how his life took an extraordinary turn for the better through his involvement in the men's ministry and attending Kings in Christ events. Sharing in an atmosphere of total trust and confidentiality, Gianfranco discovered a new connection with God and a transformative fellowship with like-minded men.

"Transforming My Career and Personal Life, All Thanks to Kings in Christ..."

Jim Bukowiec didn't just join a men's group; he joined a movement that forever changed his life. From a casual believer to rejuvenating his spiritual life, strengthening his emotional resilience, and even enhancing his career as a graphic designer. It's not just about faith; it's about forging a holistic lifestyle. Jim's takeaway? "Going it alone is a losing strategy; with this community, I've unlocked new levels of success and well-being."

From Feeling Lost to Deeply Connected: How Kings in Christ Transformed My Faith Journey

In just two events, Paul's connection with Kings in Christ reshaped his spiritual path, turning him from a newcomer to a deeply engaged community member. Through hiking trips and sanctuary events, he's learned profound life lessons. As Paul puts it, 'With Kings in Christ, we're never alone.

This Is Your Opportunity to Join the Ranks of 250+ Men Who Have Connected & Thrived

Do. Life. Together.

I don't say this lightly.

Ignoring the gravity of this moment could have dire consequences for you and those who depend on you.

In a world that's rapidly shifting beneath our feet, your family, your co-workers, and even your clients are looking to YOU to be a beacon of unwavering faith and leadership.

Join The Free Group - Let us guide you to AWAKEN your Spiritual Strength, REFOCUS your Life's Mission, and ASCEND as a Christ-Centered King...

...Who CONSISTENTLY manifests Increased Faith, Stronger Family Bonds, and Financial Freedom, all through the time-tested teachings and community support of Kings In Christ.

No Catch. No Strings Attached. No Payments.

Here's Everything You Get When You Join Kings In Christ 

  • ​Instant Access To Daily Briefing on Family, Faith, Fitness & Finances
  • ​Exclusive Invitations to Bi-Monthly In-Person Gatherings
  • ​Unlimited Access to Our 'Walking The Faith' Course (Coming Soon)
  • ​​Lifetime Membership in the Kings In Christ Community
  • ​​BONUS: One on One Personal Onboarding with Kiki or the Team
  • ​BONUS: 2x Free Passes To Pump & Pray Sessions​
  • ​BONUS: 10% Discount To Sovereign Man Wilderness Summit on October 20th
  • BONUS: Free Access to the Kings In Christ Church Center App

Access Everything You See Above at No Cost To You.

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